Quad biking at Areena Riverside Resort

Our locally renowned Quad-bike Game Drives are well known and offer fun and adventure for the whole family, group of friends or corporate teams. Our guides will teach you how to drive one of our semi-automatic quads and take you on a guided game drive through our game reserve. The speed of the quad-bike game drive is much like that of a vehicle-driven game drive, where we drive at a steady pace that allows our guests to take in the scenery and see as many game species as possible. You are likely to get closer to many species than if you were on foot, or even in a vehicle! If you are lucky, you will meet Abby, our now-famous giraffe, who might just give you a whiskery nuzzle! Anyone over the age of 14 can ride their own quad, while the younger folk are welcome to be a passenger.

We have three routes – a 20min route that is fairly level, easy for beginners and will take you around the animal’s favourite grazing spot. The one-hour route begins with the 20minute route, then leads you up to the top of our scenic abseil site on a more advanced trail. The 2 hour route adds an hour of riding through picturesque hills rolling along an ancient river course along the less travelled section of the property. Once you leave the abseil site after appreciating its breath-taking views, you will navigate even rougher terrain and go through a bamboo forest.

Contact the office at Areena to book your Quad Bike Game Drive at 043 734 3055 or info@areenaresort.com

Drivers need to be at least 16 years old.


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