Paintball at Areena Resort

Whether its mom’s, dad’s or a family, a kiddies party or corporate group….. Everyone has fun playing paintball at Areena Riverside Resort.

Paintball at Areena takes place in the outdoor environment where “combatants” use mainly the natural terrain scattered with a few artificial pieces for tactical cover.

Our Paintball arena is setup in the Areena Private Game Reserve, using drums, crates, wendy houses and natural vegetation as cover and obstacles.

Paintball is a whole lot of fun. Games are suited for teenagers (minimum age 14 yrs) and adults and can consist of different variants. Capture the flag, elimination and defending or attacking a pre determined area are common variations.

Players compete either in teams or individually to eliminate opponents by tagging them with paintballs which consist of water soluble dye covered in a gel capsule.

So paintball at Areena Resort is ideally suited to birthday parties or team building exercises.

Contact the office at Areena to book your game at 043 734 3055.

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At Areena Riverside Resort the fun never stops.

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